do u ever breathe and a mosquito enters ur fucking nose 


Howard Hodgkin
Birthday Party, 1977

I’m working out lol

Domingo Sol respira ciego 

se balancea en la punta del cerro gigante 

y moja sus pies sucios en el barro suave del río

estruja sus pestañas infinitas en el canal de Don Raúl

y le roba unos nísperos maduros.

Domingo baja corriendo y se tropieza pero no se cae. 

Domingo se abraza solemne y el sol le quema una espalda lejana cercana a su frente

should I share one of my ugly poems on my main blog, I don’t have many spanish readers so  

my name in twitter is Angel bc I’m an angel. 

shout out to someone from Kanagawa, Japan using Internet Explorer viewing my blog I appreciate it

I hate my sisters both have freckles all over their faces I only have like randomly 3 



you had a goaaaal, but not that manyyy

cause u’re the only one I’ll give u good and plenty